Essay: The Era of High Middle Ages

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Essay: The Era of High Middle Ages

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During the era of the High Middle Ages, a new learning method of Christianity was formed.  This new method of learning was influenced by the Anselm of Canterbury of 1033-1109 after the rediscovery of Aristotle works through the intervention of the Muslim philosophy and the Medieval Jewish.  The scholastics of this period believed in supporting the doctrines of the Roman Catholic as well as empiricism through the secular logic study and reason.  These scholastics opposed Platonist-Augustinian beliefs and Christian Mysticism since they believed in mind dualism and viewed the world as being wholly evil.

One of the most famous scholars who was against many of these beliefs was Thomas Aquinas who was later declared to be the  Doctor of the Church as he drove the church away from the Augustinian and Platonic beliefs towards aristotelianism. According to Aquinas in his development of mind philosophy, he argued that the mind was a blank slate at birth and thus the ability of recognizing and thinking was given to it through a heavenly spark.  Other famous scholars during this era included Peter Lombard, Abelard, and Roscelin with the main question of universal problems.  The scholars were also opposed by some popular opponents who included the Victorines, Bernard of Clairvaux, Peter Damian, William of Ockham and Duns Scotus among others.

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