Essay: The Era of Great Depression in the United States

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Essay: The Era of Great Depression in the United States

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Depression was not experienced in the same levels at all countries since it was better in the United States. While unemployment rate was only 25% in the United States, it had gone to between 50% and 60% in other countries including Europe and Asia. This was because of capitalism, democracy and free market systems, which made the countries, fail. The war is thought to have had improvement of the technology sector since each country was struggling on coming up with new technological weapons which could have made it win. As a result, chemicals, radios, automobiles and airplanes were invented to helping the fighting. The weapons to be used in the war had also to be of high quality to ensure victory.

Although WWI was fought for around five years, the reasons as to why it was fought were not settled. Germany was forced to stop the war by being forced to sign up documents, which were to prove that it was the main reason WWI started. This implies that the problems were not settled but rather forced to appear as if they had ended. Germany was highly pressed such that the ex soldiers had to join the army and thus trigger another war resulting to World War II. This was the main reason by it was supported by some other causes including nationalistic tensions and the great depression effects.

After Nazi Germany invaded Poland while Empire of Japan invaded Republic of China, the Second World War started. The Germans felt that they were being pressed since all the blame of the effects of World War I was placed on them. They were looking for means to defend theirselves and this was the main cause of World War II for they invaded Poland.

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