Essay: The Eastern Europe during High Middle Ages

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Essay: The Eastern Europe during High Middle Ages

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In Eastern Europe, the high middle ages brought in about the decline of the Kievan Rus’ Slavic state and thus the emergence of Poland. Later in 13th century, there was the Mongol invasion which had it great impact on the Eastern Europe since most of the countries in the region of Eastern Europe were vassalised, conquered, pillaged and invaded. During 1025-1185, the Balknas which is in the south of Danube was dominated by Byzantine Empire. Under the influence of the Comnenian emperors, there was a period of urbanization and prosperity revival.

This did not last since there was the successful rebellion of the Bulgarian in 1185 leading to the division of the region into Greece and Byzantines (Raitt 109). Although initially the Western and Eastern churches had split in 11th century, there were occasional periods in which they tried to cooperate during the 12th century but this did not work. In 1204, the fourth crusade managed to capture Constantinople by use of treasury greatly damaging the Byzantines and Ottoman completely usurping their power ((Haverkamp & Vollrath 110). This power however was short-lived since the Bulgarian Emperor Kayolan routed the Crusader army in the 1205 Adrianople battle.

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