Essay: The Dollhouse Play by Henrik Ibsen

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Essay: The Dollhouse Play by Henrik Ibsen

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The Dollhouse is a play by Henrik Ibsen about the struggles of families to make it in life with most struggles done by the women. This evidenced in the conversation between Mrs. Linde and Nora Helmer where we learn that it is the women who have to take the full responsibility of making sure that their families stand firm. There are evidences of issues, which are more realistic, and others less realistic in today’s society. Women have been in the look out when it comes to making their families a success in all the endeavors.

It is clear that when Nora married Helmer, they were very poor and thus had to struggle to make it in life. As it is evidenced even in today’s woman that she has to be caring, loving and responsible, Nora borrows some money for their honeymoon and lies to the husband of having taken the money from her father. This shows that she is aware of the disapproval of her husband when she decides to tell him the truth and thus decides to keep it a secret. This shows that she is struggling to bring happiness to her family no matter the cost. She further manages to delay her husband from opening the letter from Krogstad, the person who led her money so that the couple can be happy during the costume party for the Christmas celebration.

In her efforts to make her family happy and be responsible, Mrs. Linde cannot search for work since she has to take care of her brothers and her sick mother. After she realizes that the brothers are old enough to take care of theirselves, she resolves to find a job to provide for her needs. Women are known to keep secrets and this is what is shown after Nora discloses her secret to Mrs. Linde for she does not share it with anyone. She even goes further to know of the person who lend Nora money but as a today’s real woman, she keeps it as a secret. She never discloses it even to her husband. The two are working just like today’s women to make their families remain united.

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