Essay: The Deal between Nike and Michael Jordan

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Essay: The Deal between Nike and Michael Jordan

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For Nike, the charisma, personality and the heart MJ was an opportunity, which could transform Nike sales. Nike perceived its self with high degree of success and was viewed MJ destined for success, thereby found it importance to work with MJ to uplift each other. MJ and Nike needed to work together in order for each of them to be successful. Though MJ was not interested to make a deal to endorse Nike products, after much persuasion, he at last agreed to sign the deal with Nike and he signed to his agent and said “Let’s make the deal” (Halberstam 145).

Despite the fact that the Air Jordan was initially faced with many challenges that included MJ being fined up to $5,000 per game since the shoe went against the convention of basketball being played with white, Nike preferred to pay the fines and remain their brand in the market. Though the prices were high and sales volume very little in the beginning, with time, after the involvement of MJ in the design of Air Jordan III changed the face of the shoe industry in US and in the globe. Coupled with aggressive marketing strategies, Jordan brand has become a sub brand of Nike and Oregon Air Jordan brand of shoes have become the highest selling basketball shoes. The Jordan brand of shoes has become a brand of shoes that is associated with all the households in the US and the world at large irrespective of the age, sex, color or culture.

According to Kotler & Armstrong, “Nike has built the ubiquitous swoosh (which represents the wing of Nike, the (Greek goddess of victory) into one of the best-known brand symbols on the planet” (Kotler & Armstrong 3). The swoosh was designed by Carolyn Davidson who was working for Blue Ribbon Sports while still proceeding with her graphic design education at Portland State University.  According to Papson & Goldman, when Knight, the proprietor of Blue Ribbon Sports, was presented with the logo of swoosh, he noted, “I don’t love it, but I think it will grow on me (Papson & Goldman 17). Below is the logo of swoosh that was to become a global logo.

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