Essay: The Darkening Ecliptic

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Essay: The Darkening Ecliptic

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She meets an Australian, Christopher Chubb who had created a fake poet Bob McCorkle and his collection of poetry ‘The Darkening Ecliptic’ whose editor was prosecuted for fake poetry works. In disclosing that Chubb was behind the hoax, Slater tells Sarah that Chubb was behind the hoax. Chubb shows Sarah a part of McCorkle’s work which leads to her obsession, thus deciding to publish the story in her magazine. (Dean 1).

The story of Chubb is a mixture of facts and lies, which revolves around the life of McCorkle after the Second World War. He creates a character McCorkle with all information about him sending his work to David Weiss, a poetry magazine editor and later exposes the hoax during his prosecution for obscene referencing on one of the poems thus humiliating David Weiss further. This later leads to David Weiss’ tragic death, apparently by suicide.

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