Essay: Teutonic Knights

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Essay: Teutonic Knights

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The German religious order was referred to as the Teutonic knights and it was formed in 1190 in Acre city to help the Christian pilgrims as they head to the Holy lands and also operate hospitals for the sick and injured in Outremer. The Holy lands were captured by the Muslims and this forced the order to be shifted in 1211 to Transylvania and after a short while it was expelled and thus moved to pagan Prussia intending to Christianize the Baltic. By the time the main opponent of the order, Lithuania, who was a pagan became a Christian, the order had already invaded many christain nations including Poland and Novgorod.

Although the Teutonic Knights had become considerable, it was broken in the year 1410 during the Grunwald battle, a period during which the order was defeated as it was against the Lithuanian Russian army (Wilkinson 39).  After this war, the powers of the order declined until in 1809 when the order was dissolved officially.

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