Essay: Termination of Life

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Essay: Termination of Life

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One of these arguments is the opposition it gets from the Catholic Church since their doctrines cannot allow it. To start with, the Catholic believers believe that life starts from conception, termination of an embryo will lead to killing, and this is evil as per the teachings of God. It is argued that the life of the embryo undergoes a number of stages from conception to death and therefore the embryo is considered life and thus cannot be terminated irrespective of the reasons. It is firmly argued that, “the direct and voluntary killing of an innocent human being is always gravely immoral” (Conte). The teachings of the Catholic faith are not based on God’s teachings only but also on natural law, which asserts that life is a right which no single man can derive the other.

There are efforts by researchers to come up with ways in which they will be no involvement of any fertilization of the egg and thus believe that there will be no termination of life. However, this is contradicted by the fact these cells come from human beings and therefore have life and whichever means used, there will be termination of life, which is immoral and wrong. There is no belief that there could be a possibility that the embryo does not reach maturity since the point here is that the life is terminated and by someone voluntarily.

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