Essay: TelSys International

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Essay: TelSys International

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For TelSys International, the information the negotiator is aware of is that of technology, human Capital and the level of success. A negotiator would then wish to understand how they finance their business, the market size, how they do the marketing, how they collaborate with each other in the company and the history of the royalty of the investment. For Mission Rubber Technologies, we are aware of the income statement, recent market prices, product’s quality, price, and the profit margin. All a negotiator would wish to know is their margin objectives and forecasting of quantities.

All the above information is very important for any type of negotiator. He can be able to negotiate for a loan for the company after he is aware of most of its crucial information since he knows whether they are able to repay the loan or not. A negotiator can also be looking for investors to invest in the business and increase their capital. With all this information, he will be able to convince as many investors as possible to invest since he has all the information they need. Being aware of the income statement is information, margin objectives and forecasting of quantities is very critical to the negotiator for he will be able to advice on the profitability of the company. He will be able to help the management in case they have set out invisible projections and thus help them in coming up with realistic projections. By exactly forecasting the quantities to produce, the negotiator will help the management in preventing costs associated with  overproduction and thus help the management in producing only what is required in the demand market. With this, there are no losses of wastes.

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