Essay: Causes of Teen Suicide

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Essay: Causes of Teen Suicide

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There are signs that might make a parent of a teenager to know that their kids are about to commit suicide although most of those signs might seem to be like normal teenage behaviors. These signs might include the teenage talking about death or suicide, feeling unwanted, having attempted suicide before or behavioral changes. Others signs are withdrawing from family and friends, symptoms of depression, signs of drug abuse, engaging in activities that could be risky, giving away his or her valuables and spending most of their time on internet sites that glorify suicide.

According to a study conducted  by the University of Texas three quarters of the people who commit suicide suffer from depression, it is therefore  of paramount importance to note that prevention of teenage  suicide is about treating teenage depression (Teen Suicide Statistics, 2008). When you notice that, your teenager might commit suicide it is important to make sure he or she is always accompanied. One can also seek medical attention if there are serious signs of your teen feeling like taking his or her life.

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