Essay: Technology During High Middle Ages

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Essay: Technology During High Middle Ages

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During the era of the High Middle Ages, there were notable changes in innovations and inventions as the methods of economic growth and managing production were developed. Technological inventions included invention and adoption of improved ships, better clocks, scissors of better shapes, spectacles, astrolabe, gunpowder, printing, watermills and windmills (Wilkinson 70). The ships and the clock made it possible to get to the Exploration Age. Most of these inventions were from countries like China and were highly influenced by the foreign society and culture.

The visual arts during this era included the Christian art, Byzantine art, Gothic art and Romanesque art among others. The Gothic art came before the Romanesque and it combined ribbed vaults, arches, gothic and flying buttresses. Since its main influence was by background of that period which was religious, there were horizontal grates and lines making the building stive as if towards the sky (Wilkinson 100). Architecture was nopt as before for it was weightless and light, with churches build to reflect the teaching.

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