Essay: Technology in the Field of Medicine

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Essay: Technology in the Field of Medicine

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In the field of medicine, technology has led to great achievement that which could not have been achieved without its presence. Through technological advancement, computerized medical machines have been developed and are employed to treat diseases that could not be treated many years ago. Just like the development of machines, it has triggered invention of new mediations for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer. It is through the modern technology that the cure for aids is being researched on effortlessly even though vaccines to prolong life have already been developed.

Technology has played a key role in the improvement of medical care through the new medicines and equipments that were not available many years ago. Many diseases that were fatal have been contained since the medical procedures have been made effective and efficient. Through telemedicine, technology has enabled the doctors to treat patients who are in different location with the patient. Therefore a doctor specialized in a certain field can treat patients all over the globe provided the patient has access to computer and internet. Through technology, the medical processes such as coding and billing have made easier since they bills and the codes are produced and stored by the hospital computer system hence making this work simpler. The billing process was among the most complicated work in the old details, however with the new technological innovations this work is done within a short period and is more accurate. Accuracy is another advantage of the technology to the medical industry. When compared with the old instruments and machines, the advanced technology continuous to produce accurate tools that ensure that the accurate diagnosis is given to patients after accurate results of tests are achieved. One disadvantage of the technology in medicine is the cost. The cost of some technology-enhanced operations is very high and cannot be afforded by any ordinary person. An example is the robot-assisted surgery that costs millions of dollars. The cost of medicine and the technologically advanced medical equipments is that the underdeveloped countries cannot afford these tools leave alone the technicians. Another problem with technology in medicine is that it requires continuous training of the technicians since the technology changes daily.

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