Essay: Technological factors in England and Nigeria

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Essay: Technological factors in England and Nigeria

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On the other hand, England which is part of the United Kingdom is a developed country in the European continent has a more stable economy and was never a colony to any country in the world. The country became unified as state in AD 927.

In comparison, England has enjoyed many years of political, economical, technological and social stability compared to Nigeria. While Nigeria’s top political leadership is headed by a President, England is headed by A Queen even though its top most political leadership is headed by a Prime Minister. The political situation in Nigeria is dominated by lack of transparency and accountability and an ever ending unstable political situation, violence and demonstration which are sometimes based on the religions divisions rather than on concrete issues that may help in the overall development of the political and economic conditions in the countries (Ake 1996, pp.48). English, common, customary and the sharia laws are in use in the Nigerian country (Due & Friedlander 1981).

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