Essay: The Technological Advancement through the Internet

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Essay: The Technological Advancement through the Internet

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The technological advancement through the internet has made the learning process is very simplified. Through the internet, may books are available online and the teachers or the students do not have to carry a bulk of text books but just search the books in the search engines and click on the respective page. More so, through the computer technology, students are taught the concept using animation software and power point presentations that make the students to better understand the concepts in a simplified manner. Another great advantage of the technology is the invention of the online learning where the student from remote areas can be taught by instructors from different location and deliver effectively.

Through the online learning, the instructors or the student do not have to meet face to face or travel to a common place, but they interact effectively as long as both have access to internet and a computer hence cheaper. Grayson noted that “E-learning proponents enthused over how the Internet could overcome geographic and time zone restrictions, opening up courses to any student with a connection” (Grayson CNN). Despite the pros for the technology in the school, there are also cons brought about by technology. When employed in schools through the online education, there is loss of communication skills among the students and between the students and the teachers. Loss of communication between and among these parties may also affect the communication in the working environment where one may be required to communicate and interact with people from different cultures. Considering that communication is a very important aspect especially in a multicultural working environment, online learners need to take note of this detriment of technology and derive ways to overcome the communication challenges. Another problem brought about by the technology is that those who cannot access the internet do not get some educational opportunities meaning that it may trigger discrimination between people with different abilities making the poor to remain poor.

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