Essay: Target Market Identification

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Essay: Target Market Identification

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The product mostly targets all the sexes, i.e. female and the males. However, it does target the middle class citizens. This means that it shall be sold to the suburbs and in the out skirts of the major towns. The reason for targeting suburbs is that the larger population work in the town and those left at home may not have sufficient time to cook due to the work commitment and may end up preferring the Balanced Forever. The product meets the standards to be consumed by all persons beyond four years and above. The geographic characteristic of the market include the population living in residential area adjacent to factories or industrial towns.

The current market need is a product that has a high nutrient value, not too expensive and readily available besides meeting the need of all the citizens. Contrary to these needs, the existing products do not meet these standards; they are expensive and do not contain essential nutrients besides being preferred by only children. Though many competitors are trying to introduce a variety of products like the introduction of the dietary coke by coca cola, many firms have not been able to change with try but instead belief in maintaining their market share by marketing their products more aggressively.

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