Essay: Target Audience of Tell Website

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Essay: Target Audience of Tell Website

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Demographic Factors

The demographic factors to consider include age, gender, culture, religion, level of education, income disparities among others .Not all the citizens will be included in the studies. As a result, the targeted audience will be the people aged twenty years and above and earning an income of 30k and above. Gender will involve both men and women but mainly men will be considered because they have been reported in earlier studies to be suing computers more than women. The demographic factors can be shortened as follows;

Income: 30k+

Gender: Male and Female (predominantly male)
Age: 28+

Area: Saudi Arabia
Geographic Factors

The geographic target is Saudi Arabia
Behavioural factors

The products and services offered by Tell are predominantly those that are used by the management of large corporations in order to automate and speed up their business processes and help them in their management decisions. These are the people the website should target, rather than the general Internet user population of Saudi Arabia. To be specific, the 70% of the target customers of the website are IT and Finance managers of Saudi corporations.

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