Essay: Sympathy and Ruthlessness in Citizen Kane and Pulp Fiction

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Essay: Sympathy and Ruthlessness in Citizen Kane and Pulp Fiction

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The two movies are based on the dark sides of the American culture whereby everybody fights for himself. In the citizen cane, the main protagonist is abandoned by his mother because she has become rich overnight where as in the pulp fiction gangsters are fighting for the control of their territories. The main protagonist in the movies are ruthless but at the same time sympathetic as they do what they think is right even if it will hurt those who are close.

It is worthy noting that the life of Kane is disrupted when he is send away by his mother at the age of eight. He never recognizes Thatcher as he his true guardian and despises him and his guidance. He grows up to become a very wealthy man but he does not have an emotional security. The fact that he feels emotionally threatened makes him to dislike authority as he chooses to do what he thinks is right. Since he is a wealthy man, he sees no reason for adopting the norms and morals of the society. The life he leads as a boy defines what kind of a man he is after he grows up. The fact that he does not experience the love of a mother as young man makes him become lead a life depicting the dark side of the American culture for he does not show any remorse for the things he does to his friends and wife. He mistreats his employees contrary to the American constitution. He does not even the follow the principles he sets because he does not care about the feelings of those who are close to him. He considers himself as the centre of his own universe and sees no reason as to why he should be a responsible member of the society. He decides to become a publisher so that he can change the political and social environment to suit him. Though he attracts women and friends, he drives them away when they realize that he is not going to change. (Thomson 34-67) He spends a lot of money as a way of filling a vacuum that exists in him. He does not buy what he necessarily needs but just for the sake of having them.

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