Essay: Symbolic Interpretivism during Voting for Politicians

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Essay: Symbolic Interpretivism during Voting for Politicians

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How do some aspects of Symbolic Interpretivism such as age, gender, and appearance, play a major role when people are voting for politicians?

Everyone is made up of different symbols. These symbols could be anything from how old we are, the race we fall under, or height, weight, gender, and the list goes on and on. Symbols play a role in the way voters make their decisions when deciding to vote for a particular candidate.  When voting in a politician, the voters are used to considering the symbols of the politicians.  Edlin (2007) argues that, some of the symbols portrayed by some people make them win over others. There are several traits that are seen in all individuals and this can help make or build a politician. These traits include dependability, honesty, trustworthiness, likeableness, charisma, leadership ability, intelligence and competence. These traits can be found to be pronounced more in a particular candidate who has specific symbols over other candidates (Sigelman, et al, 1985).

Some researchers at California Institute of Technology argue that the traits which link with the candidate’s brain response are more considered when voting in a candidate than just mere appearance (Spezio, 2008). They further argue that the candidate may have good looks but lack all the other good traits a candidate should have including competence, intelligence, leadership ability and trustworthiness among others. However, there are other researchers especially Michael Spezio and Antonio Rangel from Scripps College argue that facial appearance of a person can be used to judge some of his inner traits that a politician can have (Spezio, 2008).

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