Essay: SWOT analysis and its purpose

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Essay: SWOT analysis and its purpose

Sample Essay

Describe a SWOT analysis and its purpose. Ensure that your response addresses why many companies falter in the area of strategic planning and analysis.

SWOT analysis is the concept involving determining all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization and majoring on the strengths and opportunities to outdo the competitors (Marke, et, al, 2006). It helps in strategic planning but many companies fail in the process of strategic planning because of the poor identification of the SWOT factors.

Week 5

1) Explain the concept of the flat organizational structure and how it differs from other types of organizations.

This organizational structure has none or very few levels of management. In this structure, one is not able to determine who answers to who and who is below who (Madura, 2006).

2) Describe how your organization orients, trains, and develops employees.

Employees are made aware of the company’s working rules, culture, goals, history, procedures and policies. they are later trained on the job allocations. Training is done depending on the job on is doing. Development of employees is through continuous trainings and job rotation among others (Kirkpatrick, 2006).

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