Essay: SWOT Analysis of Balanced Forever

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Essay: SWOT Analysis of Balanced Forever

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According to an online article, “ the SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm’s resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operate” (Strategic management, 2007)Balanced Forever has a number of strengths. It comes along with a variety of brands each manufactured to feed certain specified needs.

The products contain a balanced diet with a higher degree of certain mineral. This will make the consumer of this drink to choose the specific drink, which meets their dietary needs since the Balanced Forever Limited has a competitive product line. The product is also packed in a unique bottle that is quite attractive containing a label explaining the dietary constituents.  Finally, just like Pepsi, Balanced Forever Limited knows about all its existing competitors and the competitors strategies (swot analysis of Pepsi with other soft drinks, 2010).

The major weakness for this drink is that the cost for the dietary consultants is very high, more so, since the product is new in the market, the firm does not enjoy economies of scale.

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