Essay: My Sweet Old Etcetera by E.E Cummings

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Essay: My Sweet Old Etcetera by E.E Cummings

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On the other hand, in the poem My Sweet Old Etcetera by E.E Cummings the stage is set in the war. Cummings has started to feel the effects of staying away from home. He misses all his people as evidenced by the use of the word etcetera. According to the way he is talking, he was upbeat before he left for the war. He remembers how his aunt warned him about the effects of war but he thought he had what it takes to engage in real war. He says, “my sweet old etcetera, aunt lucy during recent, war could and what, is more did tell you just, what everybody was fighting for,” (Stallworthy 201 ln 1-6.

He is young and has hormones but in war, there are no chances of meeting members of the opposite sex. He remembers his sister Isabel as she made clothing for keeping men warm. He remembers his mother and tells her that even if he dies he will have died in honor as his father used to say. According to the last lines of the poem, the narrator is like falling asleep in a muddy trench as his aunt, mother, father and sister think about him.

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