Essay: Survey on E-commerce in Saudi Arabia

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Essay: Survey on E-commerce in Saudi Arabia

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46% of the respondents interviewed had heard of the word with little variation reported on age, location and gender. However, these respondents showed differences in the way they explained the term. Very many of the respondents had never visited an E-commerce site. Very few people about 5% had ever engaged in E-commerce and this are involved in consumer electronics, perfumes and airline tickets. 52% argued that they did find it safe to shop through the internet, 35% argued that they had all they needed easily assessable while 36% disliked the idea. Those who used the internet gave their reasons as to why they preferred it as shown in Appendix D

E-market analysis & website evaluation for TIS 9

Many of the people did not use E-marketing because they did not understand the whole idea. They had heard of the word but did not really understand its real meaning and this was a major reason as to why they did not use it. With the introduction of the website, it is expected that many people in Saudi Arabia will be aware of the idea and will thus be able to apply it. They will be aware of the way it saves time and how safe it is since it does not involve carrying cash. With experienced internet users are more likely to have confidence in the security of e-commerce websites and the safety of giving their credit card information to an e-commerce website as compared to inexperienced users (Lee, 2003).

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