Essay: Surgery of Cholecystectomy

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Essay: Surgery of Cholecystectomy

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When patients are, kept waiting for long on the surgery list for Cholecystectomy it brings morbidity to the patient. Cholecystectomy proves to be among the most waited surgical procedures in the world. Cholecystectomy is opted when a patient is involved in recurring gallstones related complications, as this is the only way of treating the problem.

It is of paramount importance to note that Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy does not involve cutting abdominal muscles makes it less painful and heals fast. This makes it possible for patients to be discharged on or the following day after the surgery. It is also possible for a patient to be fully healed after a week and thus able to return to his or her occupation. Timing for surgery is difficult as some of the patients are advised to undergo the operation immediately after they are diagnosed with acute pancreatitis while others are advised to wait for initial attack to subside. (Acosta et al 1980)

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