Essay: A Brief Summary of All My Sons

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Essay: A Brief Summary of All My Sons

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As the two lovebirds, Chris and Ann talk, it is evident that Chris is ashamed of the relationship but due to his selfishness, he is ready to marry his brother’s girlfriend. Ann believes that Chris is not after their family money although deep in her heart she knows that is the truth. Chris is also of the opinion that he wants to marry Ann because of love he has for her.

Ann admits that she cannot testify against her lover’s father and she is ready to go and live with Chris. Chris just like his father Keller holds the belief that the society is far much greater and thus every member of the society ought to be responsible for his or her deeds. Chris even declares that not even animals kill their own for they treat them as family after he learns what his father had done he is very horrified. Ann, on the other hand holds a letter that was written to her by Larry before his death. Through the letter we learn that Larry is not happy because his father is comfortable doing business when all he sees around him is death.

The play is good for those people who live in the shadow of their misdeeds. One is left aware that you can hide whatever you did wrong for a long time but one day it might come out. The truths are revealed so fast such that it leaves Kate sick. At the end of the day, she realizes that his son is long dead.

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