Essay: Sufferings of Homeless Children

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Essay: Sufferings of Homeless Children

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The state of homelessness makes children suffer physical as well as emotional and social challenges in their lives. This affects the development of the children leading to low academic performance. Their troubled childhood leads to very many illnesses including stress. Compared to housed but poor children, homeless kids have a higher probability of asthma and other communicable diseases as well as poisoning from heavy metals such as lead. It is of paramount importance to acknowledge the fact that irrespective of all these health challenges these kids have limited access to health facilities, which leads to increased severity of their health problems.

The traumatic experience that such kids face when they are young causes a lot of emotional stress since the face some things that they cannot understand. They develop mental complications that results to poor academic performance. The whole experience affects the development of these kids, which might result to repeating the lives like that of their parents. Of importance to note is that these kids can be rehabilitated if they get professional help early in their lives. (Wood 1999)

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