Essay: Sufferings of Children in The High Wind of Jamaica

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Essay: Sufferings of Children in The High Wind of Jamaica

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The perception of death to the children by their parents is accepted as natural though all the death was actually avoidable. For instance, when a child falls off the deck and dies, his parents hastily forget about their child and decide to move on with their lives. It is imperative to note that children are innocent victims of the pirates’ activities.

The children were living in a relative calm environment under the care of Bas-Thornton until the hurricane storm hit. Bas-Thornton decided to send the children back to England where they would be safer from the harsh weather. Mrs. Thornton says, “Think what an adventure it will be” (14). This shows that the children were to have an adventure in their journey and thus no tribulations were speculated. The children are thus not prepared for any brutality neither is they ready to harm anyone. All the ill actions done on the way by the children should be blamed on the pirates. Little did he know that the children would instead become the face of ridicule and the vessel of accomplishment to be used by the pirates.

Comparing the pirates’ actions with those of the children, it will be true to argue that the pirates are guilty while the children are innocent. Hence, if the pirates wanted to obtain certain information from the captain of the ship, it was completely unwarranted to torture and maim the children at the expense of the children. It is as if the lives of the children in the ship are inconsequential and futile. Children are indeed becoming the next victims in all occurrences within the ship. Emily is a daughter of one of the older families in the ship that had been hijacked by pirates. She has undergone and survived many tribulations ranging from earthquakes, hurricanes, brutal death of one of their family members and now an ordeal with the pirates.

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