Essay: The Success and Strategy of the Japanese Automobile Industry

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Essay: The Success and Strategy of the Japanese Automobile Industry

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This paper is consisted of three different parts. First part of the paper is the introduction of Pre and Post World War 2’s Japanese automobile industry. The emphasis will be placed on the change in technology and how the advantage changed gradually after World War 2. Second part is the analysis of the Japanese automobile industry’s current situation in the global market.

Quantitative analysis such as export volume, market share and production volume will be used to illustrate the rapid growth of the industry, also try to find any factors that influence the sales. Last part is a breakdown, point-to-point analysis of the industry, analyzes the reason and factors why the industry is becoming global leader and decline of American automobile industry. Given the outstanding performance and the leader position in Japan, our main cases and articles are from Toyota because it is the one to first pioneer lean production and other strategies. Therefore, instead of looking at the whole industry, this part will mostly talk about the success of Toyota and how its success makes it rise in the industry.

Finally yet importantly, the consistent comparison between both industries in the paper will tell why the Japanese is doing better than the American is.

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