Essay: Success of Japanese Automobile Industry

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Essay: Success of Japanese Automobile Industry

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The success of Japanese automobile industry is not only hinge on the relationship between supplier and lean production. Culture between two countries also plays a vital role on the fallout of each automobile industry. In Toyota’s plant, workers are asked to pull the cord whenever there are errors, problems or any wastes that can be reduced. Toyota emphasis on humility, but American manufacture emphasis on individual are effort and hence hinder to improve the quality in the line.

Ford’s ad emphasizes on “Quality is Job 1”, but the central of part of Toyota is the willingness to learn rather than individual skill. When the previous president of Toyota in North America was interviewed, he told that the ultimate goal is not for higher sales but to please customer and strive to satisfy what customers want. He also mentioned that it do not want to be biggest, just the best. People usually judged by quarterly earning, but Jim said it was very wrong. He added by doing the best, sales will jump up automatically; there is no reason to keep increasing sales but the quality of product. This saying is consistent with Kaizen, a continuous improving of quality.

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