Essay: A Study on Knowledge

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Essay: A Study on Knowledge

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The most essential and significant aspect of the work study that was carried out, was in essence to create a higher level of awareness and knowledge among all those who participated. The knowledge that was to stem from this was not only limited to that of the academic theoretical disposition, but in fact, was a plethora of sensory delights and stimulating practicalities. It not only managed to avow and build up a level of confidence, but also firmly imbedded its roots in the philosophy of teaching above and beyond, such as covering wide ranging topics that are all associated with such work studies from all angles to assure that the maximum is achieved.

This essay therefore, looks at the impact of all that was covered and learned and experienced throughout the work study group, and what has been gained out of it. Room 36 was the primary object of our nature of study, where this newly founded diner was to be given a boost of such a type that it was to result in its success, by increasing the market share (i.e. increasing the number of customers) and assuring that the service and quality offered was of good standard. Not only was the groups intention to figure out the mechanisms behind the business and its nature, but to also delve itself deeply into the essentialities of the subject matter itself, and to learn how to use ones sensory details to analyse from the objectives of not only as an unattached third party, but also as a member of the consumer body.

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