Essay: How Study of Arts Benefits Students

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Essay: How Study of Arts Benefits Students

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In conclusion, the paper has sufficiently showed how study of arts benefits student’s success in schools; thus, justified to be included on our curriculum. Clearly, it is evident that the study of the arts contributes to student achievement and success in schools and beyond school life. These benefits are in terns of comprehensive, basic and academic as demonstrated by strong public support and convincing researches. Yet, arts education remains on the margins of education to extend that has often been a victim of last addition or first drop in a strained budget circumstances and shifting priorities.

This implies that it’s high time that the necessary actions ought to be taken and proper policies put in place in order to stage arts front and center on education agendum in both the statehouse and the schoolhouse levels. This shall only be facilitated when scholars, academicians and all education stakeholders take the responsibility to communicate the benefits of arts education in our nation’s schools as it helps all students achieve success in school, work and life.

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