Essay: Studies Conducted by McCarthy on Eating Disorders

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Essay: Studies Conducted by McCarthy on Eating Disorders

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Other studies conducted by McCarthy, Siegel, &Yancey, (2000); indicated that minority culture which does not internalize attractiveness message from the majority culture in their society remains protected from risks of eating disorders. For example African American women who do not internalize messages from their white cultured counterparts showed low depression, increased positive feeling and acceptance of extra weight as a result of their strong ethnic identity that guarded and protected them from developing eating disorders.

Tsai et al. (2003); had a comparative study of Taiwanese American and Taiwanese women and results of this studies suggested that duration by which Taiwanese women stayed in the US lowered significantly her Taiwanese identity by scoring lowly and more risk for developing eating disorders. While Taiwanese women who strongly identify with the traditional norms and values, were more dissatisfied with their bodies hence indicated more disordered eating patterns.

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