Essay: Students will be graded on effort instead of performance

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Essay: Students will be graded on effort instead of performance

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The method to be used to grade students has been debated for a long time with some people suggesting that efforts should be used while others argue that performance measures students’ grades. However, it is worthy arguing that grading of students should be done by use of performance rather than effort because efforts are not easy to measure as performance. A student can be seen to be putting efforts in his or her studies but come out with nothing at the end of the term. It has been witnessed that students can be seen to be putting efforts but after some questions are given to them, they get nothing (State of Hawaii, Department of Education, 2003). There is no generalization of giving such students good grades while in the reality they got zeros.

It has also been evidenced that when students are grouped into teams, some of them will be pretending to be putting efforts while in the reality they are coming up with nothing. His follows that students have to be graded based on what they achieve since this is what shows how much information they have acquired. No instructor can be justified for awarding good grades to students who have achieved nothing although seen to put efforts. This is because it is not easy to determine whether those students have the necessary information or not. It is only the students who have contributed positively to any discussion should be given good grades.

With performance, it is true to argue that the students being taught have understood all that ought to be done. On the contrary, with efforts, students may not have understood since they will put efforts and sometimes score nothing. This implies that the work of the teacher will be useless since none he has taught had been reflected in the results but the students have taken home good grades. The teacher will be pleased his students are showing efforts but not motivated to teach them. I have always visited a certain high school in our locality where instructors grade their students on performance and for this reason; the students struggle to perform well.

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