Essay: Struggles of a Foreigner

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Essay: Struggles of a Foreigner

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Maxine Hong Kingston who was born in 1940 in Stockton, California wrote the book woman warrior. She shows how she can reconcile her Chinese ancestry with the American she is now. Although she thinks that, she has become American there, some things that she says that are not American.

At the end of the tigers, Kingston tries her best to show the differences between her American life and the fantasies she holds for the woman warrior, Fa Mu Lan. She says, “The swordswoman and I are not so dissimilar. (Kingston, 65) May my people understand the resemblance soon so that I can return to them”. Despite the fact that the warrior fights and defeats entire armies on her own, she is scared of her racist bosses. She is of the opinion that though Lan had the all the village’s problems tattooed on her back she on the other hand has her Chinese customs and culture drilled in to her brain. As much as she tries to pretend to be, American there are things that keep on reminding her that she is Chinese. She acknowledges that Lan could go back to the village after accomplishing her mission but in her case, she must keep on fighting everyday. The words that she is dealing with are so many such that they seem not to fit in her skin. (Kingston, 45-75)

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