Essay: Stress management among Emirates Airline employees

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Essay: Stress management among Emirates Airline employees

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Employees’ productivity is an important issue for any employer in the global since there are fierce competition from others firms in the industry. High employee efficiency is affected by stress since stress limits employees’ performance. Workplace stress is stress that arises while one is working in a certain firm and may be due to physical or psychological conditions. Employers therefore need develop the best strategy that will aid the employees to effectively manage their job stress.  At Emirates Airline, workplace stress is one of the factors that limit the employee performance and must be addressed in order to remain at a competitive advantage since the air transport is very competitive.

In respect to this work place problem, the management of Emirates Airline identifies the best decision making process, list the best available options to solve this problem, identifies the best alternative, implements the best option and then evaluates whether the achieved results meets the expected standards. This follows the decision making process which is a general procedure employed by most firms. Considering that there are a number of strategies that employees can use to manage the workplace stress, the management needs to identify the best option that best meets the needs of a diverse workforce in the global arena. The Emirates Airline identified that the managers must take the full responsibility of managing work place stress.

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