Essay: Stress faced by Employees of Emirates Airlines

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Essay: Stress faced by Employees of Emirates Airlines

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Work place stress reduces the employee productivity since it entails injurious emotional and physical reaction of the employees.  Just like in any other firm, Emirates Airline employees, which are a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, face many challenges that result to stresses. The Emirate Airline is Dubai’s national airline and is among the major airlines in Middle East with clients exceeding 2,400 per week. The employees at Emirate Airline suffer a lot of stress and this is mostly caused by their clients who complain unnecessary to the crew due to factors beyond the crew control. Besides, some of the working conditions subject the employees to unnecessary stress hence resulting to the employees stress.  Since the Emirates Airline has received numerous awards due to its high performance, the clients’ expectation is very high and some of their demands are not realistic. According to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (2010), work place stress is caused by a mismatch between the available resources, employee job satisfaction and job requirement.1. Work place related stress includes a number of complex circumstances that range from psychological problems, emotional stress, cognitive impairment, maladaptive behaviors among others. Extreme cases of work place stress can even results to death or even cardiovascular problems. The present global challenges in al sectors of economy especially the global financial crunch has resulted been a major cause of work related stress. More so, at least a third of works in most firms claim to have work related stress and a high employee turnover in any organization is caused by job related stress.

Prior to analyzing how stress is managed at the place of work, it is imperative to consider the sources of stress at work place. Job related stress arises when the employees working conditions are altered or are not favorable and worker attitude psychologically or physically. However, the person’s ability to cope with the job challenges and the personality of an individual defines the chances of developing job related stress. Concisely, what can make an individual develop work related stress differs from one person to another. Nevertheless, scientific evidence clearly shows that it is the employee working conditions that mostly causes work related stress. Further from 1990 to 2000, the scientific research also displayed that, in the European Union, the working conditions have increasingly been the major cause the work related stress.

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