Essay: The Strength of Korean Dramas in Vietnam

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Essay: The Strength of Korean Dramas in Vietnam

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“The strength of Korean dramas in Vietnam is that they go down well with the cultural tradition of Vietnam. And this factor lies in the emphasis on the ethical morality of encouraging the good and punishing the evil and in the social relationship that lives of characters are connected or disconnected in the relational position of family and society” (Baek 167). Confucian culture partially explains the great popularity of Korean actor Bae Yong-Joon in Japan: “The great popularity of Bae Yong-Joon is in his character too. He calls his fans family and he is always courteous. When his fans crowding to see him were injured, he consoled them first” (Lee, U 58).

It is true that Korea of today is not Confucian society and China is quite far away from Confucian culture while going through Communist Revolution and Cultural Revolution.  Nevertheless, in the base of Asians’ thinking and feelings, there are Confucian values and norms, and they play an important role in the mutual understanding of each other’s culture and in the spread of Hallyu culture.

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