Essay: The strategy of Marks and Spencer

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Essay: The strategy of Marks and Spencer

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The senior management staffs who are the determinants of the success or failure of the company should work as a team. There should be no competition whatsoever for the senior positions but support is required. This kind of competition was experienced in the last half of 1998 when Oates wanted the chief executive position and when this leaked out before the material day, he resigned from his old position (BBC News). This kind of competition for power implies that the senior managers are interested in fulfilling their own needs rather than the needs of the company. This kind of competition led to reorganization and lay offs of employees and this affected the company greatly.

There were problem of layoffs of the company staff and most of the staff preferred to leave their positions before they were thrown out. It was later realized that all these problems were because of the autocratic kind of leadership that was practiced by Greenbury. Since M $S is managed by intellectuals, there is no reason of a manager leading them brutally dictating all that needs to be done. Democratic kind of management is preferred for it ensures that the managers are given room to air their views and these views are respected.

The recommendations of a consultant should be implemented immediately for a firm to succeed. The consultant of M&S recommended that the firm focus on brand rather than product in 1999 but this was only recommended in the last half of 2000 after a new chairperson was appointed. It reached a point where the company had to focus on strategies, which would ensure its survival rather than improving performance since it was almost leaving business. This could only be achieved through getting rid of all the products and activities, which the management thought, would block their way of recovery.

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