Essay: Strategies Integrating Human Resource Management

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Essay: Strategies Integrating Human Resource Management

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Organization strategies involves planning and engaging in activities that will ensure that the human resources and the organization achieves it goals. This therefore calls for the integration of the human resources management and the organization strategies in order to achieve organization goals. The human resources manager requires capitalizing on empowering the employees and ensuring that they become an asset to the firm. Integrating the two factions ensures that the firm success in hiring, retaining, whilst at the same time developing competitive strategies in order to remain afloat (Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson2007, 160-244).

It is imperative to consider each of the four strategies that are used in order to integrate the human resources and organization strategies. These four strategies are:

  • work redesigning
  • Change management
  • Team building and
  • Job analysis

Job analysis

Job analysis has been the responsibility of the human resources managers over a long period and this involves hiring, firing, preparing job descriptions, recruiting employee and training employees among many other functions. Job analyses come along with a number of positive impacts. These include knowing about the availability jobs, vacancies and the actions being taken to fill the vacancies. The organization strategies along with the human resources managers redesign jobs to define a job that will eliminate unnecessary vacancies and design a vacancy that will be filled with a competent all round employees (McDermott,1987, 202-207).

Job analysis plays a vital role in recruitment and hiring new employees by use of a custom made hiring process that will make certain the most qualified employees are hired. Job analysis also ensures that employees are compensated abundantly to ensure consistency and reduces the rate of employee turnover. It also helps to develop job descriptions and job appraisal standards that ensure development of employees. Lastly, the job analysis ensures that the data collected from the job analysis identifies the critical areas that require attention from the management (Butteriss, 1998,).

Job analysis encompasses collecting information using a variety of methods and identifies three major compositions of job, which include job, responsibilities and duties.

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