Essay: Strategic Planning Issues in Domino’s Pizza Corporation

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Essay: Strategic Planning Issues in Domino’s Pizza Corporation

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The purpose of this report is to identify strategic planning issues in Domino’s Pizza Incorporation which the management or the company plans to achieve or is already undertaking to achieve within a given span of the next three to five years. The report explores some of the main goals of the company and develops an understanding of how the company is likely to achieve some of its set goals or objectives in the time span given. The company appointed a new chief executive officer in 2009 as part of a strategy to grow its prospects in the fast food chain industry. Dominos Pizza Incorporation is currently facing a lot of completion from well-established competitors like the MacDonald Incorporation and Subways, which are biggest players in the fast food industry. The efficiency and effectiveness of the strategies currently undertaken by Domino’s are essential in determining the dynamics of the company in future: this is the aim of this report as it seeks to give an appraisal of the strategies and finally giving the recommendations.

In order to develop a clear understanding of the strategies adopted by Domino’s, the report develops an analysis of Domino’s company as compared to Pizza Hut. This analogy is essential because the two businesses operate in the same segment within the wider fast food industry. The paper finally highlights some recommendations that the company should adopt in order to realize their prospects due to increasing competition. Some of the recommendations made by this report to Domino’s Pizza Inc. include redefining of in-store dining strategies relative to online sales that are growing significantly in the current global trend, capitalizing on socio-cultural shifts that are currently being experienced in the United States where it is majorly established (Datamonitor 23).

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