Essay: Strategic Issues for Dominos Pizza

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Essay: Strategic Issues for Dominos Pizza

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It is crucial to note that dominos does not have as many stores in China as Pizza Hut and other fast food chains. This make it lag behind in terms of tapping into this very potential market. This is one strategic issue that if well implemented would boost income and revenues for the company. There is need for Domino’s to locate several parts of china and establish stores so as to compete effectively with the other players.

One of the strategies that the company adopted in 2009 was the introduction of American Legend line of pizzas, which was significantly their specialty line of pizza (Daszkowskii 241). It It is also important to mention that Dominos needs to create their menus with the consideration that consumers are becoming more health conscious and this should be an important consideration whenever a new menu or a change of menu is to be implemented.  Lately, Domino’s introduced the Bread Bowl Pasta entree which was mainly a lightly seasoned bread bowl that was purely baked with pasta inside. In another successive twist, Domino’s introduced the Lava Crunch Cake dessert which was composed of warm fudge that was filed on crunchy chocolate shells (Young 79).  In booth cases, it would have been more important to focus on the demands of the customer rather than just launching a new product.

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