Essay: Stranger than fiction by Helm

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Essay: Stranger than fiction by Helm

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Stranger than Fiction is an American Comedy that was written by Helm and directed by Forster. Harold Crick who is the star of the film lives a dull life an auditor working in the Internal Revenue Service. He lives alone and is awakened in the mornings by his wristwatch. He is seen to be an obsessive time saver and uncontrollable counter. One day, Harold wakes up to hear the voice from a woman narrating his life story but realize that he is the only one who could hear the voice. Later that day, he is given the task of auditing Ana Pascal who intentionally evades tax. He has his professional ethics but since he gets attracted to the woman, he will not audit her business correctly.

The turning point of the story reaches when Harold’s watch stops working and sets it by use of a wrong time he is given by a bystander as they watch for the bus at a bus stop. Here we hear a sound from the narrator saying, “Simple, seemingly innocuous act would lead to his imminent death” (Helm 75). We later learn that the narrator, Karen Eiffel, who is a self-obsessed, reclusive chain-smoking person, has the intentions of killing Harold but has no good opportunity to do so. The message behind this episode, which is the turning point of Harold, is that he is not to live long. Karen lacks suitable ways of killing Harold but is trying to imagine all the ways possible. He imagines of a boy riding a bicycle and hit by a new hired bus driver. He even goes to the hospital and demands to see all the dying people to come up with a way to kill Harold.

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