Essay: Story of You’ve Got Mail

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Essay: Story of You’ve Got Mail

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Cathleen meets Joe in her store and the two engage in a conversation in which Cathleen declares her fears after hearing that the Fox’s are opening a store. At this point, Cathleen does not realize whether Joe is still the Fox who is about to open the business for he omits his second name as he says, “just call me Joe” (Warner Home Video, 2000, p45) and leaves fast with his relatives. This is a proof that Joe has identity impression management skills for his identity is almost revealed but he still conceals it. At this point one can argue that Joe uses communication competence to pass only the information he wants to pass and conceals the other part. Cathleen only realizes Joe’s identity at a publishing party as they introduce theirs selves.

Negative communication is experienced when the two characters arrange to meet in a café for they have been dating for long without having met. Joe goes to the cyber with the moral support of a friend, Kevin, and they are the first to arrive in the café. Through a window, Joe realizes that the shopgirl is Cathleen and feels embarrassed but he is determined to self disclose his identity to her and does not run away. After Cathleen arrives at the café, the two engage in a conversation and Joe leaves the place hurt. This type of climate shows that Cathleen is not out to be used by men just because she is a woman. She is determined to fight for her rights and thus uses very harsh words on Joe after realizing that he is the one behind her business failure and still her secret lover.

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