Essay: Story of Winter Dreams

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Essay: Story of Winter Dreams

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As Dexter “caddied only for pocket-money” (2) at Sherry Island Golf Club as a caddy, he always dreams of being a golf champion who will defeat even the wealthy members in the club.. This contradicts with his feelings as he skis over the fairways covered with snow; he feels miserable and downhearted. Although he is fourteen, he one day meets Judy who is only eleven and since she is good in playing golf, she makes him feel inferior. Since he now feels that he has to achieve the American dream so that he can fit in the society, he decides to attend a prestigious school instead of going to the state university his father proposes. This implies that he not only wants to associate with the wealthy people but also is determined to attained wealth. After graduating from this college, he borrows money and through his confidence, he buys a partnership in laundry. Although he is not qualified in cleaning fine clothes belonging to the rich, his hard work enables him learn and as a result, by the time he is twenty-seven years old, he is very successful in business owning a chain of laundries.

The setting of Winter Dreams is at the fields of the Golf club from where Dexter is able to have the desire of attaining his dreams of becoming a champion golf player. Although Judy proves him inferior, the setting of the play has made him intermingle with the wealthy generation and thus made him achieve success in life. The fact that his father owns the second- best grocery in Black Bear, Minnesota, which is the setting of the story, gives Dexter the urge to be hard working just like his father. Dexter’s father is not for the idea of chasing the American Dream of wealthy but he is just out to be successful in life. On the contrary, Dexter wants to follow the footsteps of his father by becoming successful but since he has been in the company of the wealthy, he also wants to achieve the dream of wealth.

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