Essay: Story of Stranger than Fiction

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Essay: Story of Stranger than Fiction

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Harold feels that he has to see a psychiatrist to get solutions to his problems. He decides to avoid death by staying home and avoiding any activity, which might lead to his timely death. He later learns that his death is inevitable as he is awakened by a demolisher having mistaken his apartment and takes it down. He is advised by his psychiatrist to spend the rest of his life fulfilling his dream. It is at this point that Harold is able to wake up from his sleep and live his life. He decides to take a vacation, make friends, play guitar and date Ana. Since Harold has all through hated people, his hatred changes to affection. Since he is the protagonist in Karen’s story whose all of her literature works ends with the protagonist dying, Harold has to die too. Harold hears an interview conducted on Karen and learns that he is the target to die and that Karen has been his narration voice all through. He decides to go visit her before she has written the ending of her story and learns that she was to kill a real person (French 2).

We later learn that the title of the story is symbolic since Karen realizes who the stranger is and does not want to kill her anymore. She asks for extension of time to rewrite the ending of the story and save the life of Harold since he had known that he was to die and supports the idea. It is very strange how Harold decides to offer himself to die changing the imagination in the story to the reality. Karen learns hat she has been killing real people and decides to change her motives in writing and thus change the end of the story and save the life of Harold.

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