Essay: Story of All My Sons

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Essay: Story of All My Sons

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In the play, we learn that what Keller is representing at first is not what he really is. One might take him for a great man before he learns that he is responsible for the death of innocent men. It is only after the truth is known that we learn that Keller is a very selfish who is ready to do anything for the sake of his family. Ann’s father is in jail for something he did not do but that does not bother Keller. He pretends that he is a responsible man in the society in order to hide his misdeeds. The fact that Keller is uneducated and still owns a comfortable house shows that he has achieved the American dream

In Joe Keller, we meet a man who is hardworking and generous. Despite the fact that nobody dislikes Keller, he accepts responsibility to of sending the cylinder heads that caused the death of the twenty-one pilots. He took the advantage of the war to do business and this leads to his son, Larry committing suicide. He thinks that he is taking good care of his family but in the end, he realizes that the family is in shambles. His wife does not even want to accept the fact that his son is dead since this would be tantamount to accusing Keller of the responsibility.

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