Essay: Story of Siddhartha

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Essay: Story of Siddhartha

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Siddhartha is a respected and handsome boy living with his father Brahmin in ancient India. In his village, everybody expects Siddhartha to grow up and be like his father who is considered successful. Although he seems to be contended with the way they are living with his friend Govinda, but deep in his heart, he is not satisfied. Despite the fact that he does all the religious rituals there is to be done, he does not get the happiness that is promised in the religion. He notices that his father and the other elders are yet to achieve enlightenment.

“Siddhartha,” he said, “why are you waiting?”

“You know why.”

“Will you go on standing and waiting until it is day, noon, evening?”

“I will stand and wait.”

“You will grow tired, Siddhartha.”

“I will grow tired.”

“You will fall asleep, Siddhartha.”

“I will not fall asleep.”

“You will die, Siddhartha.”

“I will die.”(Hesse 8)

From the conversation with his father, it is evident that Siddhartha is ready to defy his father as he goes ahead to look for what is going to answer his many questions in his mind. He knows that his father is of no much help for he has taught him everything that he knew. Due to this he knows that if sticks around in this village then he will never know the truth about the nature of existence. He knows that it is only through seeking for an alternative teaching that he will be able to satisfy his needs. He shows that there is a strong desire pushing him to go on. His father does not like the idea of his son abandoning a religion where he, the father is a leader. He sees this as a betrayal but he has no…

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