Essay: Story of San Francisco

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Essay: Story of San Francisco

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Marcus leaves the couple who eventually get married, but when Marcus discovers that, the Trina has won $5,000 he demands a share. After being denied the share, he decides to expose McTeague unethical medical practices and reports him to the council and McTeague operations are revoked by the authority. McTeague is also mean and does not want to share the $5,000 that he took after slaying Trina. Further, he does not want to share his remaining water considering that Marcus was once his best friend. It is the struggle for the $5,000 and water that eventually that eventually makes Marcus to handcuff McTeague against his body as Marcus kicks the bucket.

The high level of poverty within the mining society is also a cause of misery to McTeague. After his medical operations are closed, McTeague and Trina are forced to begin to live in poorer housing conditions. Their living standards deteriorate, as he does not earn much from the unskilled jobs. The poverty within the society forces McTeague to take all the savings Trina has and leaves. Trina is left without any money and the high level of poverty within the mining society forces her to sell her wedding dress, “she even denied herself lights and fuel….Finally she sold her wedding dress——-” (ibid 279). McTeague spends the $400 and returns to beg Trina to give him more since he cannot even afford food. McTeague gets desperate since Trina refuses to give him her meager savings. Unable to withstand poverty, he beats and kills Trina, “Trina lay unconscious, just as she had fallen under the last of McTeague’s blows  … her body twitching with an occasional hiccough that stirred the pool of blood in which she lay face downward. Towards morning she died” (296) McTeague then takes all her savings and leaves the mining society.

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