Essay: Story of Pretty Woman

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Essay: Story of Pretty Woman

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It is after Vivian tells Edward what she went through during shopping the previous day that he takes her on a shopping craze passing by the same shop, which had its sales girls rejecting her where she tells them that they made a very big mistake. The next day they go watch a polo match where he has a deal to do for his business.

Vivian is chatting with a one David Morse, when a grandson of Edward’s last person to do a deal with, Philip suspects that she is a spy. Edward has to explain to Philip on how they met with Vivian to quell his fears but this infuriates her so much, such that when they go back to the hotel she has to be persuaded not to leave so she decides to stay for the whole week.  The following day very early in the morning they leave in a private jet to for a date in San Francisco’s opera. During breakfast, Edward offers a chance to hire an apartment for her so that he can continue seeing her after they had made love the night before. She is not for that idea of an apartment so Edward leaves for work before they can resolve the issue. Edward realizes that the time he has spent with Vivian has taught him that life is not about work always and thus he offers to help Morse out rather than take over his company.  Philip is furious because he thinks that Vivian had changed Edward’s mind about the deal so she hits her and has to be thrown out of the hotel by Edward. The last episode the two are seeing kissing in the fire escape of her apartment where he follows her instead of going to the airport.

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