Essay: Story of Noah

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Essay: Story of Noah

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Noah was a man who is described in the Old Testament as a person who saved the people from the dangers of rain. He built an ark from where animals were to get in, in twos and be saved from death. Although he had not seen rain kill so many animals before, he believed in God when He told him to build the ark. This is evidence that Noah was a great believer who followed the word of God to the letter as it advises that we should believe before seeing. Noah did not get support from the other people he was meeting as he was building the ark proving that he was hardworking and caring since he was building the ark to save people who could not render him little help. He was a believer who had all the virtues, which are advocated for in the Bible.

Noah’s ark is not used in the Bible to represent the physical ark which should be built for people to be saved but it is the inside self (Berlin, 1983). One has to believe before he or she is saved to enter the kingdom of heaven.  It is said in the Bible that Noah only uncovered the ark after the earth’s surface was dried up implying that Noah’s heart was with God. He could not die in the water.

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