Essay: Story of Lord of the Flies

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Essay: Story of Lord of the Flies

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Eric and Sam – twins who are affectionately named Samneric – see a dead parachutist who drops on the island and assume he is the dreaded beast. Roger, Jack, and Ralph climb the mountain to investigate this incident before speedily coming down. Jack regards Ralph as a coward and leaves the latter’s chiefdom with a view to developing their own. Jack’s newly formed tribe kills a pig and organizes for a feast. The tribe beheads the pig and places its head on a pedestal to appease the beast. Simon notices that the head has attracted flies and imagines that the head speaks to him. The head’s message foretells Simon’s fate, thus prompting him to faint.

Jack orders the boys to do a ritualistic dance. Meanwhile, Simon rushes in, eager to report about the beast – named Lord of the Flies – communication with him. The tribesmen mistake Simon for the beast and beat him to death. Simon’s body is dragged into the ocean by the tides.

Ralph notices that his tribe is being decimated. Jack’s large and less-sophisticated tribe plans to steal from Ralph’s group. Piggy’s eyeglasses enable the group to make a fire. A very optimistic Piggy demands his glasses back. Roger however willingly drops a boulder onto Piggy, killing the latter. Unable to murder Ralph, Jack attempts to locate the former. To this end, Jack’s group lights up the forest, a fire that is visible to a passing naval ship. One of the vessel’s officers disembarks and rescues the boys. Irony characterizes Ralph’s close shave with death in that the rescuers are drawn to the boys by a fire that seeks to expose Ralph’s hideout. The boys join Ralph in decrying ‘the end of innocence’. Their rescue has come at a great price.

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